What is MUN?

Model United Nations is a conference type which is an educational simulation that students learn about diplomacy, politics and the United Nations. In this conferences students simulate the real UN Bodies, real global political topics and real diplomatic rules, so we can clearly say that it takes place in a professional environment. MUN is also an academic, social and cultural event that involves students to research, speak, debate, write and think.

What is MUNIAC?

MUNIAC is a Model United Nations conference that will be held for the second time in Balikesir between May 8-9-10, 2020.

How about clothing?

The dress code is formal but western business attire would be appropriate for female participants. Suits, ties and jackets would be appropriate for male participants. It is absolutely not allowed to wear casual clothes! And please keep in mind that this is not a wedding ceremony or celebration, so please avoid colourful dresses, too.

Who organizes MUNIAC?

The Model United Nations of Açı College (MUNIAC) is organized by Model United Nations Club of Açı Science and Anatolian High School Students, and their MUN Advisors, who have many MUN experiences  in Turkey and other foreign countries.


What is the official language?

The official language of MUNIAC is English.

What is the format of Rules of Procedures?

MUNIAC is the only THIMUN Style conference in Balıkesir. So, we use the Rules of Procedures of THIMUN Organization.

Do I need previous experience to participate?

You do not need previous experience to participate. Learning carefully the details of the THIMUN Procedure would be enough to debate successfully in the committees. When deciding on your committee preferences, please bear in mind that only experienced delegates will be allocated to the Security Council and EU Council of Ministers.

How can I get prepared for the conference?

Delegates may get prepared by examining the study guides which will be written and published one month before the conference date by the Academic Team of MUNIAC.

Is it compulsory to attend all the sessions?

Delegates who miss more than two sessions will not be able to have their certificates of participation.

When will the allocations begin?

Please check Deadlines tab in our website.

Are there any workshops for participants?

Yes, there will be workshop (TRAINIAC) for participants before the publishment of Study Guides. For workshops and trainings, please contact

Can we join as a Delegation?

This is the only option for getting involved in our lovely conference.

Can we apply MUNIAC without an Advisor?

No, you can’t apply as an individual. All delegates should apply with their precious Advisors.


Who can apply?

Only high school students can apply to MUNIAC.

How can I apply?

Advisors can fill the Form 1 by using Apply Tab in our website, on the top bar of it. Please bear in mind that we don’t have individual delegate application so only advisors can apply on behalf of their student delegates. After completing Form 1, our team will get in contact with you for further processes and details.

Does MUNIAC provide refund?

Unfortunately, we do not provide any refunds after allocations.


Does the conference fee cover meals?

Yes, it covers the lunch and the coffee breaks during the conference. Conference fee also covers all snacks in coffee breaks and social activity in the second evening.

Does the conference fee provide accommodation?

No, the conference fee does not cover the accommodation.

Does the conference fee provide transportation?

Unfortunately, this year the conference fee doesn’t cover the transportation. Delegates may arrive to our campus by themselves. (This situation may be changed soon after we find a sponsor for it.)

When should I arrive?

You should be at the conference venue before the Opening Ceremony, at the Registration Period.