What is MUN?

Model United Nations is a conference type that is an educational simulation in that students learn about diplomacy, politics, and the United Nations. In these conferences students simulate the real UN Bodies, real global political topics, and real diplomatic rules, so we can clearly say that it takes place in a professional environment. MUN is also an academic, social and cultural event that involves students to research, speak, debate, write and think.

What is MUNIAC?

MUNIAC is a Model United Nations conference that will be held for the third time in Balikesir between May 14 & 15.

How about clothing?

The dress code is formal but western business attire would be appropriate for female participants. Suits, ties, and jackets would be appropriate for male participants. It is absolutely not allowed to wear casual clothes! And please keep in mind that this is not a wedding ceremony or celebration, so please avoid colorful dresses, too.

Who organizes MUNIAC?

The Model United Nations of Açı College (MUNIAC) is organized by Model United Nations Club of Açı Science and Anatolian High School Students, and their MUN Advisors, who have many MUN experiences in Turkey and other foreign countries.


What is the official language?

The official language of MUNIAC is English.

What is the format of Rules of Procedures?

We mostly use the Rules of Procedures of HARVARD Organization.

Do I need previous experience to participate?

You do not need previous experience to participate. Learning the details of the Rules of Procedures carefully would be enough to debate successfully in the committees.

How can I get prepared for the conference?

You may only do some research about your assigned country’s background information and a basic review of the topic would be pretty useful.

Is it compulsory to attend all the sessions?

Delegates who miss more than one session will not be able to have their e-certificates of participation.

When will the allocations begin?


Are there any workshops for participants?

Yes! We are going to announce it later.


Who can apply?

Any student from any school can apply to MUNIAC. MUN Experience is a priority for registration.

How can I apply?

You may apply through the application forms.

Does MUNIAC provide refund?

Unfortunately, we do not provide any refunds.


Where does conference will take place?

The conference will be held face to face at our lovely campus.