As a School Delegation: In order to register for our conference, please click  ‘APPLY’ and fill the Form 1 – School Application. This form should be completed by the School MUN Advisor or by a student on behalf of him/her (If the school doesn’t have any MUN Advisor, an English Teacher would be perfect.).

As a Delegate, Admin, StOff or Press Member: You can use the forms under the tab ‘APPLY’ for each position. All positions requires some qualifications so please read form details carefully and fill. After this, you’ll be informed for further steps.  

Registration will open on 9 December 2019.

Standard delegations vary from 5 – 9 people, unless your assigned country or organization is only represented in one or two committees. We continue to tailor committees according to the agenda topics and the needs of each committee separately. Each school has the right to have up to three delegations of high school students (grades 9-12). However, depending on size, preferences, and availability, schools may be assigned more than three delegations if so requested.

Schools can decide to have experienced delegates apply for Student Officer positions. Advisor recommendation is definitely required. Please check the form StOff Application for details. 

Any student also can become a member of the Press Team as long as they have the appropriate English and Photography or Video Capturing & Editing skills. Advisor recommendation is required. For being a press team member you should have basic Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop and good level of English both written and spoken. 

Students also can choose to be an Admin Staff or be an individual Delegate in the committees. 

MUNIAC is a free of charge conference hosted by Balıkesir Açı Science and Anatolian High School. However as the organization team offers badges, placards, lunches, beverages and other surprise details for your comfort in our campus, we kindly ask your donations to our MUN Club in further steps of registration. You may also learn the details about this by sending an e-mail to .